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CREDCONS Risk Management Services

CREDCONS compile a wide range of commercial reports including  •  Life Insurance Underwriting Inspection Reports  •  Disability Claim Reports  •  Death Claim Reports  •  Fidelity Bond Reports  •  Special Narrative Agent Reports  •  Special Reports Investigations  •  Employment Background Reports  •  People Search/Locate Reports  •  Property Title Search  •  Market Surveys  •  Due Diligence Reports  •  Commercial Reports  •  Criminal Record Reports  •  

Risk Management Reports - Services in Over 250 Countries

CREDCONS comprehensive commercial and risk management reports will assist your business to grow and will greatly assist to minimize your debts and maximize profits. Your firm will be equipped with the necessary commercial information to grant facilities to worthy applicants and reject facilities to unworthy ones.

Risk Management Commercial Reports are an integral part of any professional business operation. CREDCONS Reports are compiled in almost all foreign countries through our global international network.

Employment Background Check Reports

Our Employment Background Check reports are very comprehensive and highly professional and accepted worldwide. Our reports will be of tremendous benefit to your firm and will greatly assist in:-

  • Selection of candidates for the correct job position based on the type of information secured.
  • Decision-making concerning promotion and termination.
  • Maximizing profit and minimizing debts.
  • Preventing trying to fit "square pegs into round holes".
  • Minimizing favoritism and nepotism
  • Reducing fraud by preventing the selection of undesirables

CREDCONS assist companies to grow their business worldwide through optimized highly professional commercial information.

Our business is built on the foundation of integrity, honesty and trust. These values are reflected in our decades of longstanding commitment in providing the highest caliber of service to global clients.

"Your judgement is no better than your information"